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一方で、クラウドをビジネスに利用することを躊躇する企業が挙げる第1の理由は、セキュリティです。 利用した企業の殆どが、クラウド以前に比べてセキュリティが向上したと実感している事実が、まだまだ知られていないのでしょう......

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How Much Do You Really Know About The Cloud?

As you probably know by now, Cloud Computing is having a huge impact on businesses all over the world – SME’s and large corporations alike. Here are some facts about the cloud that you might not know, according to an infographic from QuoteColo:

Most executives and decision makers use cloud services for their businesses

75% of report service availability improved after moving to the cloud

94% of businesses say their security has improved since adopting cloud applications

Key Cloud App usage includes collaboration, file sharing, business productivity, CRM and marketing

Cloud computing continues to innovate and help businesses improve their product or service for their customers. Security concerns appear to be the main roadblock for many businesses reluctant to move to the cloud. Which would seem to be contradictory, as so many businesses report improved security since moving to the cloud. Since 2010, cloud computing has gone from about a $75 billion industry to one of over $150 billion in 2014, with potential to reach over $200 billion by 2016. That is some huge growth in a few short years.

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